Commercial Due Diligence: Investment Committee-ready output

The last thing an investor needs in a commercial due diligence is a consultancy that „boils the ocean“. Or deploys junior resources with great analytical skills, but limited understanding of and insights into the target’s industry and business. Getting it wrong and getting it late are not an option in competitive due diligence processes.

Our analysis and recommendations in a due diligence are focused, thorough and comprehensive.

We combine deep industry expertise with the analytical tool kit of a leading consultancy to get to substantiated insights faster and with less fuss.

Topics we cover in a commercial due diligence

Our commercial due diligence analyses all relevant aspects of a business: Markets, clients, products & services, competition, organisation and financials.

We deliver investment committee-ready analysis, insights and „so what’s“ on these subjects.  We highlight further issues to probe and validate during the ongoing due diligence process.

We use our proprietary benchmark database for peer comparisons of software firms in the financial services space to calibrate the relevant performance metrics of the target company with those of peers. 


We support every step in the commercial due diligence

Learn more about how we support every single step in the commercial due diligence:

1. Outside-in Analysis
We provide profound analysis on markets and companies outside-in. Before an Information Memorandum is distributed or the Data Room is opened, investors need to get comfortable with the context of a potential investment opportunity. We combine in-depth research from public sources with our deep industry expertise to come up with an initial perspective on the potential investment opportunity, the markets it operates in, its client base, products & services, and technology. Not to forget its competitors. We also have an extensive research and data library to size underlying markets and provide initial business metrics benchmarking.
2. Data Room Analysis
The availability of an Information Memorandum allows us to drill down on some of the specifics of the investment target. Detailed inside-in analysis starts once the data room opens up. Based on our extensive experience in conducting buy-side commercial due diligence, we know what to look for. We will review the data room, provide a focused and prioritized list of additional material required and targeted questions to ensure we understand the information and data provided by the sell-side correctly. During this phase, we collaborate and align closely with other advisors (e.g. financial and legal due diligence team) as well as the investor‘s deal team to ensure consistent baselines, interpretations and conclusions.
3. Management Meetings
We prepare and lead Management Meetings. Expect us to provide a structured agenda, key questions, and requested participants – based on our prior analyses. We will build rapport with the management team during the session. As end products, we will synthesize the key findings and identify further issues to probe.
4. Expert Interviews
Let us lead the expert-to-expert discussions. We know the industry and we have the relevant managerial and operational context to get the most out of industry expert interviews. We know what can and should be asked. And we know how to interpret the answers. We prepare, conduct and synthesize calls with industry experts. We work with the preferred expert networks of our clients to profile, identify and vet potential industry experts for discussions. We prepare interview guides. Following the interview, we synthesize the insights in homogeneously structured minutes
5. Financing Partners
We understand the debt-financing side of private equity deals. And we know what financing partners of our clients need to understand about the business which is up for investments. We provide financing partners with the relevant synopsis of our due diligence findings, and we stand ready to discuss these in direct interaction.
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